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We hired Yael as a real estate agent to help us buy our first home in Elmont, NY.

With Yael this was the only decision we had to make. From finding the best person to finance to hiring an inspector to finding an attorney to closing the deal, Yael assisted us with all the aspects of buying a home. Prior to speaking to Yael, I had spoken with a couple other realtors and the first thing they would ask was...have you been pre-approved? Not with Yael, she started from square 1 with me...what are you looking for, how much do you want to spend, I have a great lender who can give you a pre-approval. Being a first time home buyer, this process can be very confusing, therefore having Yael point us in the right direction and recommending people that she works alongside on a daily basis and are as helpful and professional as her was a great help! She was my first point of contact during the entire process and always responded quickly to my questions (I had many) via her personal cell or email. She treated us like her own family and I feel like I have known her for years. We happened to find our dream home on the first day that we started looking for a house! However Yael was still understanding to our needs to continue looking at other prospects for comparison and we ended up going with the house she showed us on our first day of showing : ) The properties Yael shows are specifically tailored to you and/or your families' needs and I gotta say she is pretty spot on. Yael is also very professional and extremely kind and understanding. For these reasons and many more I would highly recommend Yael to anyone looking for a great real estate agent to show them top notch properties and walk them through the entire process. With Yael you don't have to worry, you are in good hands.


Bought a home in 2013 in Rego Park, Queens, New York, NY 11374.

It is a great pleasure to recommend Yael to anybody trying to buy or sell a property. She is very professional, responsable and helful, the process to buy an Apartment is long and require a lot of patience but with Yael everything was easier, she help me from A to Z, always answering all my questions, finding the best properties that match my needs and getting the best prices. Thank you Yael for the excellent job you did for us.


My husband and I purchased a beautiful coop in Forest Hills last July which we love and have been enjoying ever since.

We credit Yael Shanee with our ultimate success in finding and purchasing this home. Yael is an outstanding real estate agent who is extremely dedicated to helping her clients find the perfect home. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding everything related to real estate. She is professional, very friendly and honest. Her honesty was extremely important to both of us. Before meeting Yael my husband and I had been searching for a condominium or coop in Astoria and Forest Hills for two years. We dealt with several agents during this time-frame and felt we were misled on a few potential deals. We were so disillusioned with the whole process that we gave up the search for a while … that is until we met Yael! Buying a Coop in NYC is a long and stressful process and Yael made everything easy and clear to understand. She guided us through navigating the entire process. She is a people’s person, extremely friendly, with excellent communication skills and will help you negotiate with other agents, brokers, bankers or anyone else in the industry. We understand and appreciate the value that Yael brought to the table and highly recommend her to others who are searching to purchase or sell a home.


I sought assistance from Ms.

Shanee when I was seeking to purchase a condominium property in Queens. I was floored by her professionalism and extensive knowledge. Based on my personal circumstances, she showed me properties that truly fit my profile which told me that she cared about my life and not about making a quick sale. Ms. Shanee is highly recommended. She has made a great impression on me and I am thankful that she is my real estate agent.


She's excellent.

She provided us with the knowledge of what buying a house is all about. She was punctual and very responsive to all of our inquiries. I will highly recommend her to others.


My Name Is Mario Villamil, I have been in the Mortgage industry since 1090, I have been working with Realtor for some time now and it is difficult to find a diligent, knowledgeable, efficient and most of all trust worthy Realtor.

I can honestly say Yael Shanee is that realtor, It has been a privilege to have the opportunity to work with her. I would recommend her services in a hart beet


I have known and worked with Yael Shanee for over two years.

Throughout the two years, I have seen her put her heart and soul into every transaction. She works hard for her buyers and her sellers and truly does what is best for each party she is representing. The money is not the motivating factor in her daily routine---which is why her referral base is expanding. I find Yael to be intelligent, warm, caring and a great negotiator. She does what it takes and does not step on people along the way. She is one of the most honest and respectable realtors I have ever come across.


I highly recommend Yael to anybody who needs a Professional dedicated Real Estate Agent.

Yael helped me sell my home and simultaneously looked for another home to buy. She was extremely helpful, patient and dedicated professional, who is very savvy the material. I had a great pleasure working with her and would Highly recommend her to anybody who needs a good agent to walk you through the process so diligently


Yael is very professional, knowledgeable about neighborhoods and real estate market conditions, very responsive to all question/inquiries you may have and has an extensive experience with home buyers.

Her experience, knowledge and real estate skills are complimented by pleasant personally and genuine interest in her clients’ best interests. Yael helped me buy my first house and was there for me through every step in the process from matching the house/neighborhood with my preferences to handing me the key from my house at the closing. Home buying process can be very stressful, especially for the first time buyers, and Yael’s ability as real estate agent, her extraordinary social skills and professional advice made it so much easier for me. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to buy a house!


We have been looking for a house for more than two years and had hard time with our real estate agents because most of them don't take into consideration your personal needs therefore waste lots of your time.

That was the case until we came across Yael Shanee. She was very attentive to the needs of our family, knew exactly what we were looking for and that saved us lots of time and energy, besides the fact that she is a very pleasant and positive person in all. Yael Shanee nailed it and within less than 2 month of working with her we were closing in a house. She guided us very professionally making an experience that could be stressful, I could say, very joyful. I personally highly recommend Yael to my friends who are in a process of looking for a house.


I highly recommend Yael to anybody who needs a Professional dedicated Real Estate Agent.

Yael helped me sell my home and simultaneously looked for another home to buy. She was extremely helpful, patient and dedicated professional, who is very savvy the material. I had a great pleasure working with her and would Highly recommend her to anybody who needs a good Realtor to walk you through


She is very responsible person and has incredible negotiation skill, has passion for her job and always available for her customer, ready to help others and quick and sharp response.

Help others to make their dream come true, very patient and able to work under pressure.


I like to tell everyone that as a first time buyer---Yale make my journey smooth and easy.

she was always on top of her game as I had so many question and she answers everything. She was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood and guide me step by step to be a home owner.


We are first time home buyer and it was a absolute pleasure to work with Yael from house hunting till closing.

She is very responsive, knowledgeable and professional.

sheng liu35

I'm highly recommend Yael Shanee as a real estate agent.

She is reliable, responsive, knowledgeable, and professional agent. She will give you the best advice in your situation. Yeal knows how negotiate and has been really helpful with dealing issues when my house is listed for sale. She will do an excellent job.


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